I have something for you that people find very useful when they are divorcing.....

What you might need is a way to organise all the information to do with your divorce..... a document where you can:

  • Collate all the contact numbers and notes about conversations with any professionals you seak guidance from
  • Have handy notes on what those professionals do and how to access free no-obligation conversations with them
  • Keeping track of the progress of the financial agreement, parenting plans and the actual divorce petition process itself

It's hard to keep organised when divorcing so I made a useful Divorce Organiser for you to use 

The Divorce Organiser allows you to easily keep track of conversations, intentions and helps to keep you in control of your separation/divorce

The Divorce Organiser is in Word format so that you can simply cut and paste contact information from the experts you are linked to from resources like the Divorce Travel Guide, and pop them into your Organiser, which includes both an Address Book and an Organiser where you can keep a record of conversations and make notes about future actions.

The Organiser can also be printed out so you have a hard copy to write in.