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"Whilst I email you the link to your full Video Series on How To Divorce, Would You Benefit From A 1-1 Call/Skype To Tell You How To Have A Divorce That Saves You Over £65,000 - So You Can Keep That Money For The Kids...? And get your booking fee back right after the call?"

"Discover How Smart Parents Avoid Expensive & Traumatic Divorce And Learn The Secrets To Separating With Financial Independence And Successful Co-Parenting!"

Some people stick their heads in the sand and worry about how the divorce may affect them financially, but don't take any steps to empower themselves. Many believe that lawyers should be in charge of their divorce. Both these 'strategies' can lead towards the divorce becoming acimonious and massively disruptive to children and to your bank balance. 

As a Divorce Strategist I help divorcing people - many of you parents like me - to understand the core strategies of how to stay out of court and to 'self-manage' your divorce in a digified and productive way. 

You may have seen me in the past on BBC Breakfast TV, heard me on Woman's Hour or read my article in the Daily Mail on a better way to divorce. It is my intention to help as many families as possible to 'Break Up Right'.

In My Call I'm Going To Show You...

  • What you need to know to create a Parenting Plan that will work
  • What are legal sink-holes that can ruin an amicable divorce
  • How to stay out of court and save a fortune
  •  Why you should make a financial plan for the long term
  •  How to know which experts you need to speak to - and when
  •  How to stay sane and keep your psychological state at it's peak
  •  How to turn a 'broken' family into an 'Extended' family
  • How to 'do right' by your kids

Secure Your Divorce Strategy Discovery Call  

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So why do I offer a FREE no-obligation discovery call with a 100% refundable deposit - including access to top professionals in law, finance and wellbeing and parenting?  

Well it's partly because as a Divorce Strategist (and the UK's only "Alternative Divorce Guide") I'm on a campaigning mission to help families find better ways to change form, and access more amicable ways to divorce. 

I know that is not always possible - or easy - but we think it's a good intention to have, don't we? I mean it's a good vision to hold - right? And it's amazing what can happen when you hold a positive vision.  

Obviously, I normally charge for my time (mouths to feed, mortgage to pay) - but you are under NO obligation to use any of my paid services - (but I expect some of you will, when you find out how valuable they are).  

So to make sure that I only get serious people taking up my time - individuals or parents who genuinely want to find a better way to divorce - and because the number of sessions I can physically do per week is restricted (I have a life too you know!) - I ask only that you offer a FULLY REFUNDABLE - NO RISK deposit. That is also one way I can be sure that you will be there on the day at the right time for the call, because these spaces are precious, and we don't want any of them to be wasted. And there is no refund for a no-show.  

Click below to book your no-obligation free session....

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support and wonderful platform for sharing positivity and advice. It's been a godsend in this difficult time. " KM

Avoid the pitfalls that so many parents fall into Don't become a broken family - become an extended family

As the UK's ‘Alternative Divorce Guide’, a Divorce Strategist, Public Speaker and Trainer, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show - and having found myself overnight as a single parent several years ago - I know that amicable splits (married or cohabiting) are tricky at best, but the rewards to following the right strategies can be LIFE CHANGING.  

My experience is that PEACE PAYS - but it's tough to do it alone without expert guidance, especially when you don't know the rules of the game, or who to trust, or where to find those experts.  

So I offer you a free Discovery Call, so you can test out the MASSIVE value of my Strategies for yourself.  

And all at NO RISK to you - you get your deposit back at the end of the call!

"Hi Suzy, thank you for all the help.... you have given me some good options so I'm forever grateful."

Danniel 2014

How do I create my own financial plan for the future? 

What are my legal rights and how can I stay out of court?

"Wow you are an amazing resource Suzy!! Thank you so much!" Louise 2014

Simple ways to stay sane & psychologically at my best?  

Does dispute resolution work and will it work for me?

  •  How to find the answers to key questions: Do I need to use a lawyer? What do I tell the kids? What will it cost?
  •  How to protect your kids from the toxic effects of a divorce-turned-nasty - or avoid it turning nasty in the first place
  •  Access to a wealth of specially created videos and interviews with top experts in law, finance, wellbeing and parenting
  •  Don't let one angry parent ruin your parenting experience – top tips on how to 'step out of the ring'
  •  Kids are resilient so they'll be fine – or will they? Ensure your kids don't become victims of your breakup

No more Broken Families

We can create Extended Families 

  •  Key resources for co-parenting during divorce and separation
  •  What do I do first if we are splitting up? How do I tell the kids?
  •  What if my Ex and I are not talking?
  •  How do I deal with the parenting and emotional fallout?
  •  Who will offer complimentary tasters so I can find out who can help our family to be strong despite living in different homes?