Preparing Your Clients For Mediation & Divorce:

Imagine Flying Over The Landscape Of Divorce 

In A Balloon

With A Divorce Guide Helping Your Client

To Return To You - Fully Prepared

  Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller Will Share A Fully Refundable Divorce Strategy Session With Your Clients  


  • Dispute Resolution professionals won't have to turn clients away who are not ready to mediate/divorce
  • Financial and Wellbeing professionals know their clients are being guided towards a peaceful divorce, and their clients (or potential clients) guided back to them at the appropriate time (which might be straight away!)
  • No cost to you to offer this unique additional support package - and the client is encouraged to return to you after the sessions
  • Clients receive free no-obligation conversations with a range of experts
  • Introductions to financial and wellbeing experts (where appropriate)
  • Increased confidence and strategies about the options open to them
  • Fully refundable session so that the Strategy Call can be free, if they need no further support.

About Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller

"When I found Suzy’s divorce strategy website and facebook group, it was a revelation. I was struggling to come to terms with the huge fees I was being quoted by lawyers and the lack of options.  

Suzy came up with a strategy to get through it without spending a fortune. She introduced me to some brilliant people who were all focussed on finding an amicable way through the difficult minefield that is divorce.  

She also introduced me to people who could help me with the personal impacts. It’s still a grim journey but I now feel I have a plan and a support network to draw on." VC  

Who Is Suzy Miller?

I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a divorce coach. So why have I become the World’s 1st Alternative Divorce Guide? 

I’ve collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice. I’ve been on BBC Breakfast TV and Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. I’ve even written about a ‘good divorce’ for the Daily Mail.  

I created live events to help families to be more resilient; a Directory of Experts focused on non-adversarial ways to divorce, and as the Alternative Divorce Guide, I am always happy to guide people towards the right person to talk to at the right time, and offer them a wealth of resources through my online CoParenting in a Box.

I take the best resources and people I can find – parenting experts, financial and debt solutions, inspirational coaches – add in some education about the benefits of non-adversarial ways to divorce, shared stories from parents who know how tough the journey can be and the rewards from the life changes it brings – and put them all in a 40 minute Strategy Session focused on helping your clients to prepare practically and emotionally for the divorce journey ahead. I am a connector. I am the person who understands what everyone does and how it all fits together. I help clients gain the clarity they need to be able to access your services to the full.

“Just when everything is crashing and collapsing she can calmly show you the green shoots of change amongst the pain of your broken dreams. She shows you your action now, while using her step by step guide can drastically reduce the fear that stops us starting that next new chapter of our life." AE